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Eid ul Fitr occurs on the first of the lunar calendar after the holy month of Ramadan ends. It is a festival celebrated by Muslims after a whole month of fasting in Ramadan and marks the day of feast for them across the world. Fitr means the charity that we give on the eve of Eid to the poor and needy so that they do not feel left out and sad because they cannot afford to celebrate.

Muslims fast in the holy month of Ramadan from dawn to dusk in remembrance of Allah. This is mainly a way to understand the struggles of those people who do not, in general, get food to eat in their day-to-day lives. People abstain from doing all sorts of wrong deeds and bad activities such as backbiting, lying, intaking any food or beverage that should be avoided, and any activity that might hurt people. People are suggested to be more generous and kind towards humanity and have tolerance and patience in themselves.

People wear new clothes on the day of Eid, cook and eat delicious meals like Sewaiyan, Biryani, Korma, Sweets, and much more. It is not just a day to look good and wear good but practice all good deeds that have taken place in the holy month of Ramadan. Eid is the day to thank Allah for all the blessings that he has bestowed upon us in every possible way and the things he has provided us with. It calls upon us to be grateful to mankind.

The children and the family members distribute money among them which is called “Eidi”. The children are motivated to fast the next year as well and make them realize that all the good deeds that they have done will never go in vain but will come back to them in ways that they have never imagined.

The festival of Eid is celebrated with utmost vigour and gusto in Karnataka.  However in the wake of Covid 19 pandemic implications, the festival of Eid would be a low key ritual.