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Gurudwara Tap Asthan Mai Bhago

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Jinwada in Bidar is considered a holy place by Sikh community who built Gurudwara Tap Asthan Mai Bhago. 

History: Mai Bhago was the surviving heroine in the battle of Muktsar. Mai Bhago was a brave sigh warrior woman who led sigh soldiers and fought against the Mughals during 1705 AD. Guru Gobind Sigh was the Sikh leader at that time and Sikhs were under constant pressure from Mughals to convert to Islam and had to face multiple attacks and wars for refusing demands and resisting Mughal advances.

After the war and after the death of Guru Gobind Singh in 1708, Mai Bhago moved to south India and spent the rest of her life in Jinwada. Mai Bhago spent most of her time meditating and teaching ‘Gurumath’ or way of life as advocated by Guru Gobind Singh. 

The house where Mai Bhago stayed in Jinwada has been acquired and converted into a Gurudwara by Mai Bhago’s Sikh followers. 

How to reach: Jinwada is 700 kms from Bengaluru and 11 kms from district capital Bidar. Bidar is the nearest airport and railway station (16 kms away). Taxis can be hired in Bidar to reach Jinwada.  

Stay: Bidar city (11 kms away) would be an ideal location to stay while visiting Jinwada.


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