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National Tourism Day- 2023

  /  National Tourism Day- 2023

National Tourism Day- 2023

Under the banner ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, 75-week celebrations are going on to mark 75 years of India’s Independence. National Tourism Day is celebrated across the country like all other important days to appreciate the natural and man-made wonders of India. The day is a year marked to create awareness of tourism products and their impact on India’s economy. Tourism plays a very crucial role in the growth and development of India’s economy.

National Tourism Day is celebrated every year on the 25th of January in India.

Significance of National Tourism Day

National Tourism Day is observed to cultivate awareness about the importance of Tourism in India. Over a period India has attracted many tourists from across the globe for its unique tourism products like cultural, nature, heritage, rural, sports, historical, cruise, medical, and eco-tourism.
In 1958, the government realized the importance of Tourism in India and its prospects. This led to the creation of a separate department of tourism and a ministry. The solemn purpose of creating a separate department for tourism was to protect the national heritage while making them tourist-friendly destinations in the country. National Tourism Day observed in India helps boost tourism while creating awareness.
Every year, the 25th of January is celebrated as India’s National Tourism Day, an incredible way to spread awareness about the importance of traveling and protecting nature.
The subcontinent has several things to offer, vast beaches with glistening sand, magnificent mountains covered in snow, and adventurous forests boasting rare and beautiful flora and fauna.
Tourism in India can be boasted of its massive coastal line, snow-capped to lush green mountains, intriguing forests, fauna and flora, heritage and culture, and the vibrancy of festivals celebrated in the country. Karnataka as the tourism tagline aptly says ‘ One State Many Worlds’, is a destination to be explored not with an itinerary of a fixed number of days. Tourism in Karnataka needs to be explored at a slow pace.

The Mountains

Karnataka is famous for its Mountains and Hills. The brilliant weather throughout the year in the hilly region offers a traveller some breathtaking mesmerizing views of the Ghats, gorges, roaring rivers, and captivating waterfalls. The mountains are surely a paradise and a delight for trekkers, nature lovers, and avid photographers.

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The Forests

Karnataka is one such state in South India that has some of the most astounding and interesting timeless forests, tucked snugly in the foothills of the splendid Western Ghats.
Several wildlife camps and lodges can be found all across Karnataka, each promising something new and exciting. If luck is your friend, you may find yourself seeing deer, gaurs, elephants, and other wild animals in their natural habitat from these camps.

The Beaches

Beaches and the coastal regions in Karnataka along the Indian peninsula attract not only the millennials for water sports, adventure, and thrilling activities but also the laid-back travellers. To soak up the serenity of pristine beaches, mature travellers find coastal Karnataka heaven on earth. The cuisine, culture, and traditions of the coastal areas are mesmerizing and tourists often find these sea beaches awe-inspiring.

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The historical past and grandeur of the state can be visited and learned in various monuments and temples in the state. The unspoken stories of the glorious past speak a thousand words.

National Tourism Day is an opportunity to explore and appreciate the heritage and culture of India and thus promote it to the rest of the world. Celebrating National Tourism Day is an excellent initiative that was taken by the Indian Government to understand tourism in the country.

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