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Dandeli Crocodile Park

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Dandeli Crocodile Park

A beautiful green town nestled in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Dandeli is one of the leading wildlife destinations in the Western Ghats. The lush environment, scenic beauty and chirping birds enrich the picturesque beauty of Dandeli. This natural habitat is home to a variety of species such as tigers, elephants, black panthers and bears to name a few. Amongst all of these, the most exquisite animal that catches the eyes are the mugger crocodiles (Indian crocodiles) at Crocodile Park, Dandeli. These are the prime reptilians in the region which are also a stunning tourist attraction. The park comes under the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary which is recognized by the Govt. of India. Dandeli Crocodile Park provides you with the privilege of coming in contact with what nature has to offer and enjoy the unique experience of crocodile spotting. These crocodiles can be found in the River Kali in the Wildlife Sanctuary. If one stands on the bank of River Kali, they can see the crocodiles lounging in their habitat in the river. The park is not particularly fenced; hence the lack of boundaries results in seeing crocodiles quite often. The ideal time to visit the park would be during the summer or monsoon season, that is any time between April to September. This season is relatively cool and offers luxuriant greenery which adds to the wonderful experience. The skies tend to be more clear which offer better visibility. Dandeli Crocodile Park is just the dose of serenity and peace you need after an escape from the rush of the city life. You can revel in the quiet; take a walk in the forest amongst the fresh air, whilst feeding the crocodiles in the sanctuary. Visiting Dandeli Crocodile Park is unquestionably going to be an extraordinary time which will create memories that you will cherish incessantly and hold close to your heart.