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Shopping in Mysuru

The beautiful, pollution free, calm and peaceful city of Mysuru is one of those places where you can absolutely indulge yourself in shopping. With shopping options for adults and children,here are some memories and souvenirs to take back from Mysore.


  • Mysuru Silk:

 Hey there ladies and all those kids and husbands who love gifting women with sarees, Mysuru Silk should definitely be in your shopping list. 

Weaved from Mulberry Silk, Mysore Silk is known for its intricate designs and works. Most importantly it is known for it’s soft, light texture and it’s vibrant colors that are perfect for any occasion. To know more about Mysuru Silk and its history visit this site.


  • Mysuru Pak:

Made of Sugar Syrup, Gram Flour and a good amount of ghee to add to the delicious fragrance is Mysuru Pak. A famous sweet pertaining to Mysuru is available in almost all sweet shops in the city and is one of those desserts that definitely is a treat to the taste buds.

History goes on to say that this sweet was first made in the Palace kitchens and was served to the then King who fell in love with every inch of the taste and the fragrance that he asked for a shop to be set up outside the palace so it is made available to everyone outside of the palace as well. The cook who made the sweet had very randomly named it Mysuru Pak when the King had asked what the name of the sweet was and thus was the day this delectable sweet became the most famous desserts of Mysuru.


  • Mysuru Sandal Soap and Sandalwood Oil:

  Mysuru is widely known for its aromatic Sandal Soap and Sandalwood Oil and in the early days Mysuru Kingdom was known to be one of the largest producers of Sandalwood.

Sandalwood Oil, otherwise known for its sweet, strong  and soothing aroma is known to be one of the main ingredients used in the Sandal Soap. The factory now named as Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited is where the sandalwood oil is distilled from the wood and started manufacturing Sandal soaps which is now famously known all around the country as ‘Mysuru Sandal Soap.’ 

While on your visit to Mysuru, you must get your hands on these soaps to take back home.


  • Mysuru Betel Leaf:

 The leaf grown in and around the regions of Mysuru was in the early days grown in the palace gardens of the Maharaja of Mysuru. This was then spread across from Poorniah Choultry in Old Agrahara to Vidyaranyapuram junction which is close to 100 acres and connects to the Mysore-Nanjangudu route. 

The unique taste of this bright green leaf is why it was named as ‘Mysuru Chigurele’. Read more about the history behind how Mysuru Betel Leaf became famous


  • Mysuru Ganjifa Cards:

Ideally found at the very famous Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium, these cards were used as play cards during the Mughal Period. These cards are known to have intricate hand-painted designs. Learn more about the interesting medieval age fashion of the card ame from here.


  • Mysuru Jasmine:

 Jasmine flowers in itself are a dozen of elegant, sweet smelling flowers that are meticulously weaved on strings to make it look at its most beautiful version of white. 

Karnataka on the other hand is widely known to grow three varieties of Jasmine flower, mainly in Mysuru and some parts of Srirangapatna which is known as Mysuru Mallige and the other two varieties being Hadagali Mallige and Udupi Mallige. Interestingly these flowers have been patented and registered under Intellectual Property Right, given its popularity in the state.

You can shop for these flowers in Devaraja Market, Mysuru.


  • Mysuru Traditional Paintings and Rosewood Inlay:

  Shop for some exquisite traditional paintings which focused on the paintings of Hindu deities and the royal tradition. The paintings are known for the use of unique colors that represent and signify the traditions of the ruler’s in the early days and the God’s. 

 Rosewood Inlay on the other hand were drawings that were around themes related to deities and the royal tradition. Except, here, drawings were transformed to inlaying ivory etched motifs in the early days. Mysuru was widely known for their Inlay work and the patience with which they displayed striking work through their designs by carving rosewood into various shapes, sizes and styles.

Visit this page to get more details about how Mysuru became famous for their Inlay work and how they focused on details manually.


Shopping in Ramnagara:

Situated near Mysuru, Ramanagara is known for its Silk Cocoon Market. The famous silk sarees that Mysuru is widely known for get’s its supply from here. Apart from that, the wooden toys and dolls of Channapattana are also made here. Here’s adding to your bucket list of souvenirs from Channapattana.

  1. Channapattana Toys and Dolls
  2. Silk-Cocoon Market-Supplied to Mysore


Shopping in Coorg:

Rich coffee plantations and a breath of chill, fresh air along the hilly terrains is Madikeri, the capital of Kodagu(Coorg). Also referred to as the Scotland of India, Madikeri is about 120 kms from Mysore and is a visual treat to the eyes. 

There is always something very refreshing about the place and how it gives you the peace you’ve been waiting to enjoy on a weekend getaway. If you are looking to enjoy a stress-free, pollution free short or long vacation/holiday, it’s time you visited this place and you will most definitely want to visit the place again. Apart from being famous for various activities, destinations and spots to visit and enjoy, here are some items pertaining to Coorg that you should indulge in. The wine and coffee is a must-try.

  1. Homemade Wine
  2. Coffee
  3. Homemade chocolates
  4. Pepper
  5. Elaichi
  6. Tibetan Woollen Items/Products
  7. Natural Honey
  8. Areca Nut
  9. Oranges
  10.  Herbal Products


Shopping in Chikkamagaluru:

Surrounded by disparate shades of green, comprising hills, fields, estates and everything you could enjoy of nature, Chikkamagaluru has so much to offer and makes you feel so much at home. Here are some things home to Chikkamagaluru to take back home.

  1. Homemade Wine
  2. Coffee
  3. Chocolate
  4. Spices-Pepper
  5. Coconut Oil


Shopping in Shivamogga:

The gateway to Western Ghats, Shivamogga is home to Asia’s 2nd largest waterfalls, Jog Falls and is also surrounded by some of the most famous wildlife such as Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Fort and Palaces, Heritage Sites, Temples and many more. Enjoy some window shopping while exploring Shivamogga. Here are some famous items to be found here.

  1. Rosewood Carving
  2. Wooden Toys
  3. Handicrafts
  4. Areca Nut
  5. Jackfruit
  6. Spices



Mandya is better known for the destination of historic value, Srirangapatna, the colorful garden of radiant flowers, Brindavan Gardens, KRS Backwaters, some fun-filled activities at Varuna Lake or the famous and picturesque Shivanasamudra falls. The district is also known for the following items that you should purchase.

  1. Jaggery
  2. Organic/Authentic Food Items
  3. Sugarcane



Tumkur is home to Asia’s largest painted stork sanctuary and Asia’s largest solar park. 

A good plate of Thatte Idli dipped in sambar with a small bowl of coconut chutney, with some Vade and a hot, soothing cup of coffee are some things you must remember to enjoy when visiting Tumkur. Here are other things the district is famous for.

  1. Tender Coconut
  2. Flowers(All varieties)
  3. Thatte Idli
  4. Habe Vade(Steamed Vada)



Drive through the district and enjoy the soothing view of bright yellow marigold flowers, vegetable gardens and vineyards. Here are some vineyards to visit and enjoy a nice wine tour around the district.

  1. ESKAPE Vineyards
  2. Nandi Valley Winery Pvt Ltd (Kinvah Vineyards)
  3. SDU Winery



  1. Cucumber


Shopping in Mangalore, Udupi and Karwar:

Surrounded by iconic pilgrim locations, pristine beaches and some finger-licking dishes, here’s what you need to enjoy when at Coastal Karnataka.

  1. Udupi Silk and Silk Products and Rava Dose
  2. Mangaluru-Jasmine
  3. Metalware-Udupi
  4. Kundapura-Bangdi Fish
  5. Karwar-Sea Food


Shopping in North Karnataka

Major parts of North Karnataka is known for its quintessential historic UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites. At the same time it is known to be the one of those with delicious sweets for all the sweet tooths and for its creativity in art and craft. Here are some must-try and buy list of items in different parts of North Karnataka.

  1. Bagalkote-Ilkal Sarees/Handlooms, Wine
  2. Gokak-Kardantu, Wooden Toys
  3. Belagavi-Kunda
  4. Dharwad-Peda
  5. Bidar-Bidriwoks
  6. Hampi-Lamani Ornaments and Outfit
  7. Dandeli-Spices
  8. Aihole-Amingad Kardantu
  9. Malenadu-Kadubu
  10. Kolar-Bangarapete Chats

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