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Ullal Beach

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Ullal Beach is the perfect escape from city life

About the Beach

Ullal beach is located a few kilometers away from Mangalore, in the Indian state of Karnataka. This stunning waterfront is located near the Western Ghats and enjoys the gorgeous Arabian Sea. This extraordinary beach is a cozy region that offers tourists a chance to encounter picturesque sunsets and sunrises. Ullal Beach shares its name with Ullal Town that is located in the vicinity. This coastal area almost looks like a frame taken out of a movie with its sparkling sand, clear and cool water that reflects the mesmerizing blue sky and the vibrant palm trees in the distance.

The Main Attraction

If you are someone who wants to take a break from the busy city life, Ullal Beach is the perfect location for you. Located quite far from cities, this beachside offers a tranquil and serene environment for all travelers. The cool sea breeze coupled with glistening seawater is an experience you should not miss out on. The sunrise at the beach is extremely captivating. As the red, early sun rises slowly in the sky, the endless sea consistently keeps changing colors, from a bright red to a mellow orange and finally a soothing yellow. This exceptional experience is one of a kind and a memory that will last you a lifetime.

The Weather and Climate

Ullal Beach has an excellent climate throughout the year owing to the Arabian Sea. The tropical monsoon season is predominant in the area and perfect for tours and traveling. You can spend hours just sitting on the beach without the Sundays stinging you as the heat is comfortable and enjoyable. This beachfront has exciting cuisine as well. The restaurants nearby cook delicious meals with fishes freshly caught from the sea. The authentic flavor of the south combined with fresh food is a concoction one should definitely try.


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