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Kavaledurga Fort

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Kavaledurga is a fort resting on the top of a hill amidst a dense forest and it requires a trek of at least 5 km to reach the summit. A spectacular combination of history and natural beauty, several shrines to Virupaksha, Vijaya Vittala, Veerabhadra, Mallara and Bhuvaneshwari are housed in the fort. Besides the ruins and an old palace, a mosque built by Venkatappa Nayaka can also be found here. It is also a scenic spot to view the sun setting in the Arabian Sea.

Why visit Kavaledurga: 

  • Impressive fort structure: Kavaledurga Fort has 3 rounds of rock wall fortifications and was a stronghold of the Keladi Nayakas (an important ruling dynasty of Karnataka and the subordinates of Vijayanagara empire) during the 16th century. 
  • Explore temples and palace remains: Kavaledurga Fort, also known as Bhuvanagiri now has some remains of a palace, bath, guard rooms and weapon storage houses. A freshwater pond on top of the fort is in excellent condition. One can visit the Srikanteshwara temple and Nandi Mantapa that are situated on the hill.
  • Hiking & Trekking Experience: Hiking till the top of Kavaledurga Fort will be a great exercise. Trekking could also be an option to Sahyadri hills when safe.
  • Enjoy Great Views:  On clear days offers amazing views of beautiful Sahyadri hills

Visiting Details: 

  • Exploring Kavaledurga takes two to three hours of time for those who are physically fit. 
  • Entry to Kavaledurga closes by 5 PM.
  • There are not many facilities available at Kavaledurga except for a tea shop near the parking area. Do carry essentials like water. 

Nearby Destinations: Kavaledurga is a great place for a weekend trip from Shivamogga or Thirthahalli town, covering nearby destinations like Kavishaila (Jnanapeetha award-winning poet Kuvempu’s home), Agumbe (where the famous movie Malgudi days was shot), Kundadri Hills(sunrise point), Gajanur dam and Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary.

How to reach Kavaledurga: 

Kavaledurga is located at 18 kms from the nearest town Thirthahalli, 133 kms from Mangaluru, 365 kms from Bengaluru.

By Train: Shivamogga is the closest train station that is 72 kms away.

By Road: There are no direct buses connecting to Kavaledurga. 

One will either have to travel from Bengaluru to Shivamogga(approximately 300 kms) by bus or Bengaluru to Thirthahalli(approximately 346 kms) which are both direct buses. 

The nearest town closest to Kavaledurga Fort is Thirthahalli which is about 18kms away(approximately 30 minutes to reach the Fort). 

Otherwise, about 79kms and almost 1 hour away is Shivamogga to Kavaledurga Fort.

By Air: The nearest airports to Shivamogga are Hubli, Mangalore International Airport Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru and lastly Goa International Airport. The following is listed based on the distance from the destinations to the airport.

Transportation Facilities to Kavaledurga: Public transportation is available from both Shivamogga to Kavaledurga Fort and Thirthahalli Fort. You may also opt for local taxis or hire KSTDC(Karnataka State Tourism Department Corporation) buses and cars from Bangalore.

Places to stay near Kavaledurga Fort: 

Thirthahalli town offers multiple hotels. Several home stay options are available in and around Thirthahalli and Shivamogga.


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