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Located on a mountain pass that connects the plains of Karnataka with the coastal region, Agumbe is covered with verdant forests, sparkling streams and little cascades, making the region in the Western Ghats virtually a Garden of Eden. It receives an average rainfall of about 8000 mm and thus called “Cherrapunji‎ of South India”. The view of the Sun setting into the Arabian Sea from Agumbe is not to be missed as it offers a clear line of sight of about 40 km. The world-famous herpetologist Romulus Whitaker has set up a tropical research station called the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS) to study the endangered King Cobra species, which is also a major attraction. The famous TV serial ‘Malgudi Days’ was shot across these areas.

Why visit :

  • Sunset: Sunset view from Agumbe is a scene to behold. Do visit during sunset time and enjoy the captivating moments from the dedicated viewing deck.
  • Participate in treks: Select expert groups organize monsoon and post monsoon curated treks to Agumbe, helping you witness rare species of snakes, frogs, insects and other wild fauna and flora. Check here
  • Waterfalls: Within a short radius of 5kms from Agumbe one can experience several untouched waterfalls-Barkana falls, Jogi Gundi waterfalls and Onake Abbi falls. Partly accessible by road and further by foot, it is best visited post monsoon season. 
  • 14 Hairpin bends: Climbing up and down the hill requires negotiating 14 sharp hairpin bends. Full size buses and trucks are not allowed on the hill. Drive yourself if you are up to it or take a ride in a bus and watch how local drivers carefully negotiate the turns.
  • Malgudi Days: Several scenes of popular television serial Malgudi Days, based on RK Narayan’s novel, were shot around this place. This is one such place where you can not only surround yourself with the beauty of greenery and fresh air but also delve into nostalgia as you visit the Malgudi Days house, reminiscing those memorable days of storytelling and visualizing how the house and the entire surrounding could have possibly looked and felt like.
  • Lake & Boating: A small lake with boating facility is available near the forest check post.

Places to visit near Agumbe:

A visit to Agumbe can be clubbed with nearby attractions such as Kundadri Hills (16 kms), Sringeri (30 kms) and Kuppalli (45 kms). Consider this your ideal weekend getaway with friends and family. You may also indulge yourself in some adventure, trekking and some fun-filled activities with your group.

How to reach:

By Air: Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport, 100 kms from Agumbe.

By Train: Mangalore and Shivamogga are the nearest railway stations from where frequent private/ Government buses are available to reach this place. 

By Road: There is one direct KSRTC bus operating till Agumbe from Bengaluru & It is best enjoyed on a road trip

Places to stay near Agumbe:

Agumbe has a limited number of hotels and home stays. Seethanadi Nature Camp, operated by Jungle Lodges & Resorts, is about 15 kms from Agumbe. More options are available in the nearby town of Thirthahalli, 30 kms from Agumbe.


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