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Neer dosa

  /  Neer dosa

Dosa is a popular breakfast dish in South India made from fermented rice+urad dal (black gram) batter baked thin on a hot pan. 

About Neer Dose:

Dosa is served in several varieties- Masala Dosa (Dosa served with Potato mash), Set Dosa (a set of two or three thicker dosas served with vegetable curry), Plain Dosa (Dosa without any add-ons) are some of the most popular varieties of Dosa that can be had in Karnataka. 

Neer Dose is a coastal Karnataka delicacy. Neer Dose literally translates to ‘Water Dosa’. Neer Dose is a dosa variant made out of batter made from soaked rice (no fermentation unlike regular Dosa or Idli). After a few hours of soaking, rice is grounded to make Neer Dose batter. A bit of salt is added for taste. 

Neer dose is often served with Kai-hoovu (Jaggery + Coconut Gratings) or vegetable curries and chutney. Non-vegetarian dishes such as Kozhi Saaru(Chicken Gravy) can be opted as a great accompaniment with Neer dose. It is also accompanied with a non-vegetarian Kodava cuisine as well.

Where to find Neer Dose:

Neer Dose is readily served in most restaurants of Coastal Karnataka districts- Udupi, Dakshina Kannada and Uttara Kannada (South & North Canara) and in some Malenadu districts such as Shivamogga and Hassan. Neer Dose is priced very affordably and helps quench hunger pangs as well as taste buds. It is also available in select restaurants of Bengaluru specializing in coastal Karnataka food.