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Tannirbhavi Beach

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Tannirbhavi Beach

It is one of those beaches that have trees on them and offers a picturesque landscape. Tannirbhavi beach also has some basic facilities like lifeguards, toilets, parking lot, few eateries and concrete benches. One can sit under the green trees and lose track of time while enjoying the scenic beauty of the place. This beach is a popular beach near Mangaluru city in coastal Karnataka.

Reason to visit:

  • Beach Activities: This beach is a safe place for beach activities with family, thanks to the presence of life guards and large crowds. The beach is shallow near the shore and relatively safe for kids.
  • Tree Park: A 15 acres wide tree park near the beach is worth visiting because of its collection of trees from Western Ghats, special herbs and medicinal plants.
  • Refreshments: Beach side restaurants serve drinks and snacks. Ideal to relax.

Facilities: The beach has facilities like toilets, eateries, parks and has lifeguards on duty during day time.

Places to visit near Tannirbhavi Beach: Panambur Beach (9 kms), Someshwara Beach (22 kms), Kadri Manjunatha Temple (10 kms), Sultan Bathery (10 kms) are some of the places to explore along with the beach.

How to reach Tannirbhavi Beach :

The beach is 340 kms from Bengaluru and 9 kms from Mangaluru airport. Mangaluru is well connected by air, rail and road from all parts of Karnataka. Auto or taxi can be availed from Mangaluru city to visit TannirBhavi Beach. A shorter route will be to take a ferry across the Gurupur river.


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