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Shettihalli Church

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Shettihalli Church: The Hidden Jewel of Karnataka!

Shettihalli Church – India is truly a diverse country with numerous destinations to make into your bucket list. While some a man-made, the natural stops are phenomenal and amaze us with their grandeur. The Church, our new favorite, is the mesmerizing combination of both. It remains submerged in the surrounding water throughout the year and floats in summer. A view that makes it one of its kind.


Rosary Church or Shettihąlli Church was built about 160 years ago by the Europeans in the Shettihalli village, along the banks of River Hemvathi. Later on, a dam was built by the government which caused flooding and today, during monsoon the church submerges in water to a great extent and creates an illusion of a floating monument.

Architectural Jewel

As the Church was built during the initial days of the British establishment in India, it reflects the French Gothic style of architecture that was used by the British to attract wealthy estate owners. The towering columns along with the arched walls are still visible with black and grey tints, rising above the blue rippling water.

Reaching Church from Bangalore

Located at a distance of 200 kilometres from Bangalore, Shettihalli village is situated in rural Karnataka. You need to take the NH75 and drive towards Hassan and then take a detour to the Shettihalli village. As there are no proper signboards, you need to use the traditional style of direction, asking the people about the place.

Things to Do

The view that the Church offers is in itself a gem and unique. You can spend your day along with your loved ones or alone, enjoying yourselves against the backdrop of the building. You can click pictures and explore the serenity the place still holds. If you are visiting in monsoon, you can take a boat and traverse the church closely.

Shettihalli Church or the Floating Church is one of the hidden jewels of Karnataka and must be included in your bucket list.

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