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Sada Falls Trek

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Sada waterfall is a mystic, offbeat waterfall deep in the forests of Western Ghats, on Karnataka-Goa border. A guided trek to Sada Falls is a highly recommended activity in Belagavi district.

While road network is available till Sada village, the last few kms till Sada waterfall need to be covered on foot. Trekking distance could vary between 8 to 18 kms depending on starting point and trail used. Sada Falls trek is medium to high complexity trek involving crossing of streams, negotiating boulders and possibly battling the leeches (during monsoon season)

Sada waterfall is 200 meters tall and offers breathtaking views in between two big hills.

Multiple caves can be explored along the trekking trail. Birds and wild animals are often spotted during Sada waterfall trek. Sada Fort, few step-wells and temples in Sada are also worth visiting while on Sada Falls trek.

Carry all essentials such as water and food. Full sleeve dress is recommended. Trekking without an expert guide is not advised. Camping is neither safe, nor permitted in the forests around Sada.

How to reach: Sada Falls is 550 kms from Bengaluru and 60 kms from district capital Belagavi. Belagavi is the nearest airport and major railway station. Taxis can be hired from Belagavi to reach Sada Falls. Multiple travel agencies organize guided treks to Sada Falls, often including transportation from Belagavi. 

Stay: Multiple homestays and hotels are available in and around Sada. Belagavi city will be the next best place to stay while visiting Sada Falls. 


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