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Nalkunadu Palace

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Nalkunadu Palace is an 18th century palace built by Dodda Veera Rajendra. This Palace was used as a safe house for the royal family against Tipu Sultan and British forces.

Highlights of Nalkunadu Palace

  • Small Palace with beautiful design: Nalkanadu Palace features elaborate wooden carvings, paintings and traditional design
  • Dark rooms: Four dark rooms to house prisoners are located behind the palace
  • Tombs of Kodagu Princesses: Two tombs of Kodagu princesses who were married to Tipu Sultan are built in Nalkunadu palace premises
  • Bee keeping centre: State govt run bee-keeping centre operates out of Palace
  • Restored wall paintings: Some of the original paintings on the walls of Palace have been restored, including paintings of Royal Procession showcasing king riding elephants, surrounded by guards and music troupes.

How to reach: Nalkunadu Palace is 261 kms from Bengaluru and 35 kms from Madikeri. Kannur international airport is 85 kms away while Kannur and Mysuru are two major railway stations 100-130 kms from Palace. Taxis can be hired in Madikeri to reach Nalkunadu.

Stay: Kings Cottage and Palace Estate are two popular homestays walking distance away from Palace. More home stays, resorts and hotels are available in various parts of Kodagu, within 20-30 kms from Palace.


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