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Gudekote Sloth Bear Sanctuary

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Gudekote Sloth Bear Sanctuary is the second Sloth Bear Sanctuary in India and Asia, declared exclusively for the protection and conservation of the Sloth Bear. It is situated in the Kudligi and Sandur taluks of Ballari and is spread over a total area of 167.59 sq km. The Sanctuary also nourishes important medicinal plants and herbs. Furthermore, many prehistoric sites like rock paintings, natural caves, old temples, etc. are located inside the Sanctuary.

Highlights of Gudekote Sloth Bear Sanctuary

  • Animals: The sanctuary is home to Leopard, Small Civet Cat, Palm Civet Cat, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Indian Grey Wolf, Indian Fox and Striped Hyena, Wild Boars, Pangolins, etc. The sloth bear population in Gudekote is estimated to be between 50 and 60.
  • Birds: More than 130 species of birds are found in the bear sanctuary. Popular ones include hawk eagles, flycatchers, etc.
  • Reptiles: Venomous snakes such as Viper, Kraits, Cobra as well as non-venomous snakes such as Red Sand Boa are also found in Gudekote.
  • Flora: Gudekote forest has lots of fruit-bearing trees- Custard Apple, Jamun, etc. Dry deciduous and thorn scrub forests dominate the tree population.


Overview Guide

Best Season To Visit

August - April

Famous For

The sanctuary is home to Leopard, Small Civet Cat, Palm Civet Cat, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Indian Grey Wolf etc. More than 130 species of bird are also found at the Sanctuary.

Places To Stay

Options are available to stay in Bellary City 54 Kms away from the Sanctuary

How To Reach

Bengaluru International Airport is the nearest airport ( 285 Kms )

The nearest railway station is Molakalmuru Railway Station ( 22 Kms ).

One can drive from Bangalore to Gudekote Sanctuary which is about 269 Kms.

Nearby Places

Ballari Fort ( 54 Kms ), Matanga Hill ( 89 Kms ), Stone Chariot ( 92 Kms ) are some of the places to visit along with Gudekote Sanctuary.


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