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Dzogchen Monastery – Hidden Gem of Karnataka

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Dzogchen Monastery – Hidden Gem of Karnataka

Located amid the serene, calm, and peaceful environment like any other monasteries, Dzogchen Monastery is located at Kollegal Taluk of Chamrajanagar District in Karnataka. Close to Tamil Nadu and Kerala state borders, the monastery is surrounded by an exclusive range of mountains, coffee plantations, and an animal reserve that takes care of many rare species of wildlife.

One of the hidden gems of Karnataka, Dhondeling Settlement is home to five major monasteries namely Dzogchen Monastery, Taksham Monastery, Tana Monastery, Dhargyal Monastery, and Bayoe Monastery.
After Dzogchen Monastery in Tibet was destroyed by fire in 1950, in the late 1980s, at the request of H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, His Eminence’ late father, Tsewang Paljor, began construction of Dzogchen Monastery in the Dhondenling settlement in Karnataka. He was a great practitioner and expert in Tibetan architecture. Spread across 3200 acres monastery, the construction started in 1984 with the help of the Government of India and Karnataka State.

The construction of the monastery was completed in 1991and H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama formally inaugurated Dzogchen Monastery in 1992.The Dhondeling settlement is situated at a height of 3345 feet offering magnificent views of Kollegal and neighboring area landscapes. Soak yourself up in the tranquillity of the calm and peaceful environment of Tibetan culture. The settlement is also home to three Kindergarten schools, one primary school up to 10th standard, a modern allopathic hospital, and one Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute. The settlement has a cooperative Society with some public service stations like a fair price shop, tractor repair, and a handicraft Centre. Plan a day trip to embrace the spirituality of the ambiance. They also cultivate crops like maize, corn, rice, ragi, and much more. The Dhondeling settlement is home to more than 200 monks.The settlement is on uneven hills and has converted forest into fertile lands and fields with a quaint view and a calming atmosphere.

Important Information:

1. The nearest airport is Bangalore which is 180 km away. Mysore is 110 km from the settlement and 46 km from the Kollegal. State road transport buses are available to reach the place.

2. The average temperature of the place is about 20° Celsius and the average annual rainfall of 140-170 cm

3. The best time to visit the monastery is from September to March.

4. There are no hotels, restaurants, and public toilets in the vicinity.


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