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Chandravalli is situated immediately to the west of the fortified hill of Chitradurga. The archaeological discoveries made in the site, which take us to the Satavahana period and further back reveal settlements that are around 3000 years old. Lead coins belonging to the Satavahanas, Roman silver coins and ornaments of gold, silver and copper were discovered here. The hills around here are sprinkled with prehistoric caves and temples.

Highlights of Chandravalli:

  • Ankli Matha Caves: Believed to have human dwelling in the past
  • Ancient coins: Roman, Chinese and Shatavahana era coins were found in Chandravalli 
  • Ruins of dams: Breached ruins of three to four dams are found in Chandravalli, suggesting that region had lots of rainfall and the past rulers made an attempt to store those water by building dams and support agriculture. Some dams were built as early as fourth century AD by Kadamba ruler Mayura Sharma.
  • Bhairaveshvara Temple
  • Paradeshappa Caves: Seven caves formed centuries ago, inside the hill
  • Large Boulders: Basavanagondi, Neralagondi, Baralagondi and Hulegondi
  • Tiger Engraved rock: A low rocky hill in the centre of Chandravalli valley with a large boulder featuring a 13 ft long tiger engraved in it, with peculiarly bent legs, prominent whiskers and body with a chequered pattern.

How to reach: Chandravalli is 209 kms from Bengaluru and 3 kms from Chitradurga. Chitradurga is the nearest railway station (3 kms). Jindal Vijayanagar airport in Ballary is 136 kms away while Bengaluru airport is 226 kms away. From Chitradurga taxi or auto can be hired to reach Chandravalli.

Stay: Chitradurga city has multiple budget, mid range and luxury hotels.


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