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Located about 80km from Bidar, Basavakalyan was once the capital of the Kalyana Chalukyas and the centre of a great social and religious upheaval in the 12th century. Basavakalyan in Bidar district is famed for its cultural heritage and is known as the Karmabhoomi of Basaveshwara, the revered 12th century religious reformer. During his time, it became a seat of learning, and an abode of spiritual wisdom. Basavakalyan is renowned for the saints who made the city their home: Basaveshwara, Allama Prabhu, Akka-Mahadevi, Channabasavanna and Siddarama. You can also see some monuments like the Chaluckyan Fort, few caves, and other places of historic and religious importance here.

Reasons to visit Basavakalyana

  • Basavakalyana Fort: Situated in north of Basavakalyana town, the fort was built by the Chalukya rulers. Basavakalyana Fort has ancient gates, several small canons and a larger 694 cm canon named ‘Navgaz’. The fort also has a temple without any deity, believed to be of Goddess Lakshmi. Hindu and Jain icons can be seen on fort walls. Fort campus also houses a museum with many interesting antiquities on display.
  • Basaveshwara Temple: A modern temple with special worship every Monday. 
  • Parusha Katte (Philiospher’s Stone): Believed to be the spot where Saint Basaveshwara used to sit, give aid to needy people and recite ‘Vachanas’ (poems with social messages) to his disciples. An earlier fort, now in ruins has been converted into a horticultural farm.
  • Tripurantaka Lake: A lake 5 kms from Basavakalyana city, known for Shiva temple and multiple laterite caves (Akka Nagamma’s cave, Nuliya Chandrayya’s cave, Chennabasavanna cave, and Vijnaneshwara Cave).
  • Anubhava Mantapa: A community venue built in the shape of a huge shivalinga, situated behind Rudramuni Cave. Anubhava Mantapa has a library, a museum and cottages for visitors.

How to reach: Basavakalyana is 660 kms from Bengaluru and 80 kms from district capital Bidar. Bidar is the nearest airport (71 kms away). Humnabad is the nearest railway station (32 kms away). Buses are available to reach Basavakalyana from Bidar and Humnabad

Stay: Basavakalyana has few budget hotels. More stay options are available in Humnabad.


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