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Kamsale Nrutya

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Kamsale Dance is a popular folk dance form in Mysuru Karnataka region. (Mysuru, Chamarajanagara and Mandya districts). Beesu Kamsale is another vigorous dance form closely associated with the rituals of Male Mahadeswara worship, and employs a great blend of aesthetic sublimity and martial agility. A cymbal like disc, the ‘Kamsale’, is played in rhythm with the songs exalting the glory of Lord Mahadeswara.

What is Kamsale:

Kamsale is a pair of small circular metal (copper) plates with a slight projection in the centre. Kamsale set will have two such plates which when hit gently to one another produces melodious sound.

Kamsale Dance:

Traditional dancers dressed in local costume dance with Kamsale in their hands. While singing bhajans/devotional songs they dance rhythmically and tap the Kamsales to each other at regular intervals to produce melodic sound that complements the music and dance. 

Kamsale dance is usually done in large groups of 10-12 dancers and is often performed near temples as a part of prayer to the lord. Songs and dance used in Kamsale dance usually praises the lord, communicates troubles faced by common people and seeks divine blessings.

Men from Halu Kuruba tribe in Chamarajanagara district are well known for Kamsale dance. The tribe is known to worship Lord Shiva. Kamsale dance is commonly performed in Male Mahadeshwara Hill temple and is said to be in practice since centuries.

Where to witness Kamsale Dance?

Kamsale Dance(Kamsale Nrutya)is an integral part of 3 day annual car festival at Male Mahadeshwara Hill temple on the outskirts of Mysuru. This celebration falls during Deepavali festival. Besides this, Kamsale Dance could be part of various cultural programs in South Karnataka. (Cultural performances during Mysuru Dasara, Bengaluru Habba and other events may have Kamsale Dance show- schedule varies every year). Many Kannada films feature Kamsale Nrutya (Example: Jogi featuring Shivaraj Kumar)