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Jolada Rotti

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Jolada Rotti

Jolada Rotti or bread made from Sorghum. Jolada Rotti is a staple diet in North Karnataka and a must try when in Karnataka.

Jolada Rotti is an oil free, nutritious food

How Jolada Rotti is made:

Sorghum (Jowar) flour is mixed with warm water and dough is made. Small portion of dough is spread thin in a circular shape using a chapati roller or using bare hands.  This dough is now heated on a tawa for several minutes to get Jolada Rotti. Several traditional homes are also known to heat Jolada rotti directly on the flame or on hot coal (kenda).

Served with: Jolada Rotti is often served with a salad of onions and cucumber, chutney pudi (Spicy powder), garlic chutney and spicy curries or sambar. Curry made from barbequed Brinjal (Badanekai Ennegai) and dal made from Methi (Menthya Pallya) are popular dishes to have Jolada Rotti with.

Where to find Jolada Rotti:

Jolada Rotti is commonly available in all restaurants in North Karnataka. These restaurants are locally known as ‘Khanavali’. Several restaurants in Bengaluru specialize in serving north Karnataka food, including Jolada Rotti. Many restaurants that serve plate meals (Thali) give an option to choose Jolada Rotti, Chapati or Rice as the main item. Use Food delivery apps to locate nearest restaurants near you that may be serving Jolada Rotti.