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World Art Day 2021

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Celebrate Beauty With World Art Day

Art is essential for livelihood, it has been referred to as one of the most noble persuits. Keeping this in mind, UNESCO dedicated a day to artists and art all around the world. World Art Day is celebrated every year on 15th April. Art deserves recognition and should be given importance. At every point in life, people are engaging in some sort of art. Therefore, the united efforts of artists and UNESCO is determined to give creativity and art the spotlight it truly deserves.

This day is mainly celebrated to spread awareness about the finer things in life, like art. It aims at promoting creativity, cultural diversity, and innovation for people all across the world. Art is not only used as a way to express oneself but is an important medium to spread knowledge and experiment with ideas. Life and art go hand in hand, so, it is extremely essential to celebrate World Art Day to inspire artists all around the world.

Celebrating World Art Day is an important way to re-establish the link between society and artists and dreamers. Like every other subject, art and craft are a useful way to encourage children to explore their talents and go beyond their rote learning. Innovations and creativity can be a good way to find solutions to several problems.

Karnataka has a unique heritage and is closely interrelated with beautiful art, architecture, music, and dance. Not only does the culture of the place focus on fine arts like painting but has also emphasized the need for performing arts like music and dance.

Karnataka has its distinct style of painting, architecture, and sculpting. Styles like Ravi Varma painting are immensely famous within the state. On the other hand, it has its unique twist on Hindustani and Carnatic music. Karnataka has beautifully fused different styles of singing and melodies to come up with its style of music. Dance styles like Yakshagana are performed in several regions all across Karnataka. The dance uses marvelously colorful costumes that are attractive and charming. It includes a combination of singing, dancing, and music that will not only mesmerize you but will leave you completely stunned. Different types of instruments are used as well.

Karnataka has been one of the major states in India that have embraced World Art Day and believe in celebrating it to encourage artists and creators.

Sl. No. Art Form Caption CC Image Source/Credit
1 Dollu Kunitha Dollu Kunitha is high on energy and is a popular folk dance associated with the worship of Sree Beeralingeshwara who is considered as a form of Lord Shiva, originated in the rituals of the Kuruba Gowda community of North Karnataka.

Credits: @owlstories.in

Dollu Kunitha https://www.instagram.com/p/CHE1hp_AR2T/
2 Gombe Aata Gombe Aata involves story telling using characters made from dolls, whose performance is controlled by humans in the background using invisible threads.

Credits: www.yakshaganapuppets.org

Gombe Aata http://yakshaganapuppets.org/gallery-puppets
3 Huli Vesha Huli Vesha performance often involves a group of people dressing up in tiger costume- tiger face masks or paintings, tiger stripes on the body and is performed to pay tribute to Goddess Durga, whose official animal is tiger.


Huli Vesha https://www.instagram.com/p/CNaJfkqLpTL/
4 Kamsale Nrutya Kamsale Dance is a popular folk dance form in Mysuru Karnataka region. A cymbal like disc, the ‘Kamsale’, is played in rhythm with the songs exalting the glory of Lord Mahadeswara.

Credits: @natananjai

Kamsale Nrutya https://www.instagram.com/p/CDqtgINhhVJ/
5 Yakshagana A trip to the coastal belt would be incomplete without watching the Yakshagana – an elaborate dance-drama performance unique to Karnataka. It is a rare combination of dance, music, song, scholarly dialogues and colourful costumes.

Credits: @tulunadu64

Yakshagana https://www.instagram.com/p/CNjU0GSnfG5/
6 Bharatanatyam As with many art forms, Bharatnatyam found patronage from the Mysuru Wodeyars and involves intense and strong movements and is known to be a very beautifully showcased art of story telling.

Credits: @rajeshbalay_dancephotos

Bharatanatyam https://www.instagram.com/p/CNgzEg7BOSb/
7 Carnatic Music Carnatic music performance often involves a small team consisting of a vocalist, assisted by other singers and musical instrument players. Listening to the melodious songs, rythms and musical tunes will be a soul enriching experience.

Credits: @sudharagunathanfc

Carnatic Music https://www.instagram.com/p/CNfeDzJhczy/
8 Jagghalige Kunita Wheels of a bullock carts wrapped in buffalo hides makes the main instrument for the Jagghalige Kunita act.

Credits: @karnataka_travel_trails

Jagghalige Kunita https://www.instagram.com/p/CKk7gRHHLnx/
9 Somana Kunita Somana Kunita honours the local goddess, with red masks representing benevolent gods and yellow, white, or black masks representing fierce or malevolent gods. The masqueraders dance to the music of drums, pipes, and flutes at village festivals.

Credits: @prem.palanivel

Somana Kunita https://www.instagram.com/p/8hwcZ4B2JT/