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Tala Kaveri- The birthplace of River Cauvery

  /  Tala Kaveri- The birthplace of River Cauvery

About Talacauvery

Talacauvery, the birthplace or the origin of River Cauvery is a holy place or a pilgrimage for many Hindus. The place is considered to be the source of the river Cauvery. Located on the Brahmagiri Hills in Bhagamandala town, Talacauvery stands tall at a height of 1276 meters above sea level in the Kodagu district of Karnataka state. This pious pilgrimage is also closer to the Kasargod district of Kerala state. The holy temple is located 48 km from the district’s main town and is accessible only via a road crossing coffee plantations.
Talacauvery is dedicated to the Goddess Kaveramma and is the main deity. The other deities worshipped here are Lord Agasthiswara. It is believed to have a strong connection and a link between Cauvery and Sage Agasthya. A rectangular tank known as Cauvery or Brahma Kundike is considered to be the birthplace of river Cauvery. This is the spot that marks the origin of the mighty river and is ornated beautifully with a small shrine of silver Shivalinga. This is the point from where river Cauvery emerges as a spring and disappears underground. The river again emerges at a point near Bhagamandala and joins the other two rivers Kannike and Sujyoti. The amalgam point of the three rivers is called Triveni Sangam.
As per the local beliefs, the water here at Talacauvery has miraculous and healing powers. A dip in the holy water here is believed to have healed various physical and psychological griefs.

Tula Sankramana

As per the Hindu calendar, the first day of Tula month (mid of October, usually 17th October), is celebrated by a festival called Tula or Cauvery Sankramma. Thousands of people participate in the festival and take a dip in the holy water and take the blessing of Goddess Cauvery. The festival is celebrated in grandeur with processions and fairs ( Jatre), local vendors offering local delicacies, and souvenir shops making the festival an enchanting and enjoyable one for everyone. The puja and the celebrations are performed with the local traditional folk music making it even more auspicious.

Other things to do at Talacauvery

Located amidst the breathtaking views of the Brahmagiri hills, Tala Cauvery is not just a pilgrimage. An epitome of picturesque landscapes, the location of Tala Cauvery is perfect for nature lovers and for those who love to soak up the serenity of misty hills. A walk around the premises or a small climb heading to the Brahmagiri hill will quench your thirst for a hike in the lap of lush green nature. It’s a paradise and a visual treat for nature lovers.

How to Reach

Crossing the gorgeous coffee plantations, valleys, and streams one can reach Talacauvery from Madikeri town by road.

By Air

Coorg or Madikeri doesn’t have an airport. The nearest airport is Mangalore which is 135 km away. Bangalore International airport is about 300 km away. You can also reach Kerala from Kannur International Airport which is about 120 km away from Coorg.

By Train

Coorg or Madikeri doesn’t have a railway station. The nearest railway station is Mysore, Hassan, or Mangalore. Coorg is about 100 km away from Hassan and about 120 km from Mangalore and Mysore. All three stations are well connected with major cities in Karnataka and other states as well.

By Road

The best and the only way to reach Coorg or Madikeri are by road. The state transport run buses ply from Bangalore, Mangalore, Hassan, and Mysore. Taxis are also available in all these towns. The best way to explore the coffee plantation town, the beautiful landscapes, misty hills, and streams is by own vehicle.

Best time to visit Talacauvery

Being one of the most scenic hill stations in South India, Coorg is generally crowded during the summer. Post-monsoon and winters are the best seasons to visit Coorg and Talacauvery. The temple is however open throughout the year.

Temple Timings

The temple is usually open from 6 am to 6 pm every day.
During the monsoon, in case of heavy rains, the route from Madikeri to Talacauvery becomes difficult to access. It is advisable to avoid the route and visit Coorg during heavy rains.