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While all of India is filled with stunning places to visit, Karnataka is one of the few states that has to offer it all for Solo Travelers. From the land of royal heritage and magnificent buildings in Mysore to the undiscovered, stunning beaches of Gokarna and the fast paced yet dreamy metropolitan life in Bengaluru, Karnataka boasts of having something in store for each visitor, which is why it’s rightfully described as “One state, many worlds.”

Vittala temple hampi

History in every nook and corner is how Hampi can be best described. The ancient ruins of temples and palaces makes one feel like they are walking through history itself. A UNESCO and World Heritage site in Karnataka, this magical land is filled with the stories of myths, Gods and Goddesses and vast paddy fields. The laid back aura and the natural beauty oozes peace and leaves an impression on the traveler’s soul forever. Major tourist spots are the Virupaksha temple, built in the 7th century, Hampi archaeological remains which showcase the grandeur which the city once had.


A paradise for all beach enthusiasts, this places makes you feel closer to nature with it’s breathtaking sunsets, rustling waves and the tranquility the place has to offer. An ideal town to be visited by every solo travelers as the sand beneath the feet, sound of the waves crashing and the clean air is all one needs to forget about the worries of a monotonous life.

Water sports for the adrenaline junkie, the Mahabaleshwar temple for the spiritual devotee and the calm beaches for every one to introspect or just rejuvenate, Gokarna has it all.

chikmagalur hills

Top place for coffee enthusiasts , Chikmagalur is known as the coffee district of Karnataka. Filled with stunning hills and valleys, this serene town in the laps of nature is a must visit for anyone who loves a good stay amidst nature. A lot of activities can be done here, from trekking to Mullayanagiri to river rafting in the Bhadra river, Chikmagalur is great for solo travel yearning for a getaway from the hustle bustle of the city life and comes as a breath of fresh air because of its undiscovered lands

mysore palace Honeymoon Destinations

The royal city of Mysore is one of the most exquisite cities in South India. The wide range of silk sarees and the scrumptious food are reason enough to visit this town. Famous for its mouth watering Mysore pak or a proper south indian thali, it is heaven for every foodie.

While the most popular destination is the Mysore Palace that screams royalty in it’s architecture, other remarkable spots are the Chaumandi Hills and Devraja Markets.

karwar beach

The serenity of this place leaves every traveler spellbound with it’s beauty. It’s beaches aren’t only calming but also inspired the great poet, Rabindranath Tagore. One of the most tranquil beaches is the Devbaug Beach which boasts of a long shoreline and casuarina trees. Another spot adorned with history is the Kodibag fort ruins and the beach around it. Also, it’s a dream come true for sea food lovers.

It is rightfully said that travelling makes you speechless and later turns you into a storyteller and Karnataka sure is testimony to that.