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Lav Kush Garden Almatti

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Lav Kush Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens at Almatti. They are beautifully maintained and depict huge sculptures which are made by using cement and steel of lav Kush & Krishna. There is natural pavement along the paths with waterfalls and water channels alongside. Lav Kush Garden Almatti has a beautiful lawn, hedges, flower beds, ornamental plants and shrubs.

Why visit Lav Kush:

Lav Kush Pond:

In Front of the Sita Mata Temple are two ponds which are believed to never dry up and always have water in them ( also known as Kush Kanda )

Childhood Activities:
The garden attracts children by viewing different childhood activities of Lava and Kush like playing in their cradle with mother Sita, taking education with their Gurus etc.
Sunset ViewPoint:
The garden has a gorgeous view point and panoramic view of the Almatti Dam.

Other attractions at Almatti:

Almatti Dam, Badami Cave Temples, Fort Bijapur are some of the other interesting spots to explore near Lav Kush Gąrden

Lav Kush Visiting Hours:

Lav Kush Garden is open daily from 6 AM to 7 PM. Entry is free during early morning and late evening (6 to 9 AM and 6 to 7 PM). A nominal fee applies during the day time.

How to reach Lav Kush Garden:

Lav Kush Gąrden is located 6 kms from the Almatti Dam. Lalbagh can be accessed using private vehicles/taxis to reach Lav Kush Gąrden.

Places to stay near Lav Kush Gąrden:


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