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Black Sand Beach

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Exploring Tilmati:


The Tilmati beach in Karwar is located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The sand here looks like black sesame, which is why the beach is named Tilmati. The name comes from the Konkani word ‘tillu’ which means sesame seeds and ‘matti’ which means soil .The black sand at the 150 metre shoreline is in complete contrast to the shimmering cream coloured sands that dot the rest of the beaches located on either side of Tilmati.
This beach is at a distance of 13km from Karwar bus stand and around 2.5km from Majali bus stop. There is also a short trek to reach the beach from Majali.

One can find fishermen, locals and foreigners on the beach but the number of people visiting this beach is much lesser in comparison to nearby beaches. As the beach is never crowded, it makes up for a natural and serene environment. It offers an unimaginable view of the Arabian Sea and looks most spectacular during sunrise and sunsets . The sand is believed to be naturally black as this beach is surrounded with basaltic rock. Historians say Tilmati was popular during the reign of the Marathas in the region. Later, it turned out to be on the border of North Canara and Goa, ruled by the British and Portuguese respectively before Independence. Due to its location, it was an important trade spot also. As of today, one can visit Tilmati to spend some peaceful time with their loved ones and enjoy amazing views. Moreover, one may enjoy fishing at this captivating locale and spend a night here by setting up tents over the rocks or nearby hills.

The beach is known for its beautiful sunsets in the evenings and the break-taking view of the Sea. It’s ideal for people who are looking to enjoy calm and peaceful time.


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