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Ashtoor is an important centre of Indo-Saracenic monuments. Like the Egyptian pharaohs, the Bahamani kings were fond of building magnificent tombs to house themselves after death. Twelve imposing mausoleums are located at Ashtur east of Bidar. Of these, the tombs of Ahamad Shah and Alauddin Shah II stand out due to their grandeur.

Major tombs in Ashtoor

  • Tomb of Ahmad Shah Al Wali Bahamani: Ahmad Shah Al Wali Bahamani’s tomb is built in square layout in a vast lofty building with thick walls. 
  • Tomb of Ahmad Shah’s Queen: Has floral designs, religious texts and ceilings decorated with paintings.
  • Tomb of Sultan Allauddin Shah II: Has lots of tile work as well as blue, green and yellow paintwork. Three tall entrance arches and a square hall are key features of this tomb.
  • Tomb of Sultan Humayun: Built with black trap masonry, Humayun’s tomb is super thick but split open due to a lighting strike.
  • Tomb of Malika-i-Jahan: Mallika was the wife of Sultan Humayun Shah. Her tomb has entrance arches elegantly decorated with stucco work
  • Chaukhandi of Hazrat Khalil Ullah: Saint Khalil-Ullah was the preceptor of princes Ahmad Shah and Allauddin. His tomb is a two storied building erected on a high platform.
  • Other tombs: Tombs of Sultan Nizam Shah, Sultan Muhammad Shah III, Muhammad Shah Bahamani, Sultan Wali-Ullah and Sultan Kalim Ullah.

How to reach: Ashtoor is 690 kms from Bengaluru and 8 kms from district capital Bidar. Bidar is the nearest airport and railway station. Taxi can be hired in Bidar to reach Ashtoor. 

Stay: Hotels are available in Bidar city, 8 kms from Ashtoor.


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