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Adichunchanagiri Peacock Sanctuary

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To protect India’s national pride, the majestic Peacock, Adichunchanagiri Peacock Sanctuary was one the many steps taken. These pheasant tribe birds are flamboyant but shy and as a peacock shelter, the Adichunchanagiri Peacock Sanctuary truly provides them safety and does so with the utmost care. Established as a sanctuary in 1981 in Karnataka’s Mandya district at Nagamangala Taluk due to a huge growing population of peafowls, the sanctuary adheres to strict historical norms made for the safety of these birds, which should be attributed to Swami Adichunchanagiri and his disciples, whose sentiments towards these serene birds proves to be one of the most striking features of the sight. Surrounded by trees, scrubs and other plantations, the vibrant lush forest range of this sanctuary resonates to the beauty of the enchanted forest and further elevates the experience of the tourists who are already bewildered by the sheer elegance of these flamboyant peacocks who just caper and meander freely through the lush forests of the sanctuary in their own natural habitat. It is impossible to leave the city without witnessing these lovely birds showcasing their royal demeanor. The Sanctuary is blessed with a ravishing hilly landscape in addition to all its stunning scenic attributes and thus provides an incredible backdrop for the majestic Peacocks, alongside their protection.

With great safari experiences available from 8am to 5pm everyday, The Adichunchanagiri Peacock Sanctuary is extremely close to the Chunchanagiri Temple which is a renowned pilgrim centre of the area and is definitely a must visit on your trip to the sanctuary. Annually, a large number of adventure seekers are drawn to this place as the hills serve a great spot for trekking and mountain climbing, alongside the picturesque view of the cloud floating past the peaks which resemble the scene of the dreamiest landscape. Alongside tourists, pilgrims and travellers, this place also has regular visits from a vast range of explorers who still remain awestruck by the peaceful paradise and safe haven that the Adichunchanagiri Peacock Sanctuary is.

Overview Guide

Best Season To Visit

June - November

Famous For

Different species of migratory birds like Purple Heron, White-necked Stork, Black-headed Ibis, Snakebird etc

Places To Stay

The nearest hotels to stay are located at Shorapur City (11Kms from Bonal )

How To Reach

Kalaburagi is the closest Airport ( 130 Kms )

Raichur is the nearest railway station ( 100 Kms )

One can drive from Bengaluru to Bonal which is 512 Kms

Nearby Places

Yadagiri Airport (65Kms), Sleeping Buddha (45 Kms), Kavala Caves (22 Kms) are some of the destinations to visit along with Bonal Bird Sanctuary.


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