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Karnataka’s Newest Addition, Vijayanagara, the 31st District

  /  Karnataka’s Newest Addition, Vijayanagara, the 31st District

Karnataka got its 31st district on 8th Feb 2021, which is called Vijayanagara. Several meetings were held last year with regard to the emergence of the new district, and the plan was carried out in February, this year. Earlier, a part of Bellary, Vijayanagar has now been separated and emerges as its own entity in the form of the 31st district of Karnataka. Hospet is set to be the headquarters for the brand new district.

Vijayanagara has been divided into six taluks, namely, Kudligi, Hagaribommanahalli, Hospet, Kotturu, Harapanahalli, and Hoovina Hadagali. The world-famous UNESCO site, Hampi, which was formerly a part of the Bellary district, now falls in Vijayanagara. Mr. Anand Singh, the Minister for Infrastructure Development, Wakf, and Haj, who is also the Bellary district in-charge has actively participated in the plan and has taken an immense initiative to establish Vijayanagara as a separate district.

November 2020 stood witness to this plan of separation. Indeed several advantages were considered before coming to the conclusion. Finally, the plan was successfully executed on the 8th of February, 2021. Efforts are made to provide the new district of Vijayanagara with all the necessary amenities as well as promoting it for tourism. This newly separated land shows great potential for the advancement of the whole state of Karnataka. Several important people including Mr. Anand Singh, are working tirelessly to make Vijayanagara as modern and useful as Bellary.