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Vitla Pindi

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Vitla Pindi

Vitla Pindi, also known as Mosaru Kudike is a popular festival in Udupi city, Coastal Karnataka. Vitla Pindi helps people recall childhood antics of Lord Krishna and is celebrated during Srikrishna Janmastami, which falls during the month of August-September.


Lord Krishna, during his childhood days was very naughty. I would steal butter from earthen pots and act innocent if caught. He was also known to put blame on other animals nearby by applying a smear of butter on their faces, to give an impression he is not the culprit.


Vitla Pindi or Mosaru Kudike is often celebrated as a championship that tests physical endurance and balancing skills of participants. A clay pot filled with milk or milk products such as curd is hung at an elevation over the streets. Participating teams need to form human pyramids, let one set climb on another till a person reaches high enough to be able to smash the clay pot. Team managing this in the shortest time is declared the winner.

In the individual version, participants are blind folded, given a large stick and let loose on the street. They need to orient themselves, get under the overhead clay pot and smash it with the stick. Whoever succeeds in smashing the pot in the shortest time is declared the winner.

Where to witness Vitla Pindi: 

  • Vitla Pindi is the best scene in Udupi town during Srikrishna Janmastami celebrations. Exact dates may vary as per Hindu calendar each year but usually falls in August-September period. If you are in Udupi during the time, your local host/hotel staff will assist you identify where and when Vitla Pindï activities are being held.
  • Mosaru Kudike competition is held in various other parts of Karnataka as well. Check on local media or with your host to identify celebrations closest to you.