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Mysuru Masale Dose

Mysuru Masale Dose

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Mysuru Masale Dose is a popular variant of Masale Dose. Mysuru Masále Dose is a regular Masale Dose, spread with red chilli-garlic chutney on the inside.

How Mysuru Masale Dose is made:

Rice + Urad Dal is soaked for hours, ground thoroughly and allowed to ferment overnight. This makes Dose batter. Salt is added before batter is used to prepare dose. A chutney is made from red chillies and garlic separately, along with baked potato smash. Dose batter is applied on a circular pan, spread thin and evenly and heated till one side turns brown. Chilli-garlic chutney is now applied to the inner (white coloured) side, potato smash is added and dose is folded. Masale Dose is now ready to be served.

Served with: Small piece of butter is often tossed on top of hot Masale Dose. Coconut Chutney, Mint Chutney and Sambar are often served along with Mysuru Masala Dose.

Where to find Mysuru Masále Dose: Most restaurants in Karnataka, particularly in the Bengaluru-Mysuru region serve Mysuru Masále Dose for breakfast and dinner. One may use food delivery apps to locate restaurants nearby that serve Mysuru Masále Dose. Some restaurants do serve Mysuru Masala Dose in extra large size, such that one dose is adequate for a family of four.