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Mangaluru Fish Curry

  /  Mangaluru Fish Curry

Mangaluru Fish Curry is a popular non vegetarian dish in Coastal Karnataka. Made with locally sourced fish and spicy masalas, Mangaluru Fish Curry is a must try cuisine for anyone who loves fish.

How Mangaluru Fish Curry is made:

    • Type of fishes used: Bangude (Mackerel), Boothayi (Sardine) and Kane (Lady Fish), are the popular fish varieties found in the Arabian sea and hence available in coastal Karnataka’s fish markets. These are the popular fish varieties used to make Mangaluru Fish Curry. Kane Rava Fry or Kane Naked Fry is comparatively famous and consumed regularly in the Mangaluru belt and is definitely one appetizing dish to eat.
    • Ingredients: Tamarind, Fish, Coconut, onion, chili, coriander, oil etc
    • Preparation: Onion, chilli, oil etc are heated and induced with tamarind extract, coconut, chili, coriander etc. Water is gradually added and marinated fish slices are dropped into the vessel. Upon boiling fish curry is ready to serve. Coconut milk, salt, coriander leaves etc are added to taste. Alternatively readily available fish curry masala is also used.
    • Served with: Mangaluru Fish Curry is often served as accompaniment to main items such as Neer dose and rice (particularly boiled rice),

Where to try Mangaluru Fish Curry:
Mangaluru Fish Curry is served in most ‘non-vegetarian’ restaurants in Coastal Karnataka- Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Uttara Kannada restaurants. Restaurants in Bengaluru and other cities that specialize in seafood also often serve Mangaluru Fish Curry. One may use online food delivery applications to locate a nearest restaurant which may be serving Mangaluru Fish Curry.