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Chocolate Park

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Indulge in incredible chocolate making experience, a state-of-the-art Factory designed for chocolate lovers.

Karnataka’s fun and flavourful venture

Chocolate is fascinating and perfect for every occasion. We often crave it and it holds the power to lift our moods instantly. Have you ever wondered how this magical and savory piece of happiness is born? You don’t have to keep guessing anymore. Karnataka brings to you a magnificent Chocolate factory much like Willy Wonka’s. It is said to be located in Puttur, Madikeri-Mangaluru Road. This incredible factory allows visitors to witness how chocolate is made, packed, and delivered. You can also taste the different types and flavors of chocolate manufactured here. This Chocolate Park is a dream come true for all chocolate lovers.

Services and amenities available at the delicious amusement park 

The factory will produce different flavors of chocolate that have unique textures. The whole endeavour is to create an atmosphere that will excite tourists and make them want to stay in the chocolate park forever. There have been several ideas for the chocolate amusement park, tourists will be able to do much more and smell fresh chocolate. The factory will set up a theme park and the place shall have numerous chocolate waterfalls. By now, you are envisioning Willy Wonka’s factory, right? Well, it will be quite similar to the one we’ve seen in the movies as the idea for the chocolate amusement park seems to be borrowed from it.

To open soon for tourists 

The construction of the factory is supposed to be completed by April, and it will be all set for inauguration by the end of 2021. The factory will have an amusement park, restaurants, chocolate shops, rides, and chocolate fountains. It is an experience that will mesmerize you and at a fun twist to your trip. Freshly made chocolate has its charm and soon tourists will be able to taste and see how aromatic and flavourful chocolate is made. For a brilliant experience, do not forget to visit Karnataka’s very own Chocolate Park.

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