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Bangalore to Goa Road Trip

Bangalore to Goa Road Trip

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Bangalore to Goa Road Trip

Bangalore to Goa Road Trip

Road trips have often found their mention in everyone’s travel bucket list. The cool breeze touching your while you are surrounded by breathtaking views is truly mesmerising. Though the country is bestowed with several exciting road trip destinations, the Bangalore to Goa Road trip has to be one of the best.

Route 1

The Belgaum Route

Nelamangala – Tumkur – Chitradurga – Belgaum – Chorla Ghat – Panaji

There are four routes that will take you on a trip from Bangalore to Goa, passing through various famous attractions and an abundance of nature.

This route is blessed with nature’s allure with a canopy of trees, waterfalls, caves, and forts. It is indeed an exceptional route for an exceptional road trip that you will remember for your lifetime.

Time taken – 11 hours (approx)

Popular Stopovers

Surla Waterfalls

Take a break from your drive and spend some time at the stunning sural waterfalls. Enjoy the pleasant surroundings, rejuvenate your senses by dipping your feet in the water. It is also a famous trekking spot for adventure enthusiasts.

Belgaum Fort

If you are a history buff, you cannot miss a visit to this historic fort. Admire its splendid architecture and get a glimpse of the glorious past during your journey.

Arvalem Caves (Pandava Caves)

The rock-cut caves dating back to the 6th century BC is a delight to the sore eyes. One of the hidden gems of Goa, Pandava Caves are a must-visit.

Route 2

The Hubli – Anmod Ghat Route

Bangalore – Tumkur – Chitradurga – Hubli – Dharwad – Ramnagar – Anmod – Panaji

If you take this route, you will be driving amid the magnificent views of the Western Ghats and lush greenery.

Time taken – 9 hours (approx)

Popular Stopovers

Chitradurga Fort

Marvel at the majestic architecture of this ancient fort. The view of the top is a delight to the eyes and the heart.

Ranebennur Blackbuck Deer Sanctuary

If you love exploring nature and wildlife, make sure to visit this sanctuary while on your way. It is home to a number of protected blackbucks along with several other endangered species.

Anmod Ghats

Home to some of the most pristine waterfalls, Anmod Ghats is a haven for nature lovers. Whether you love to spend time amid natural surroundings or capture the views in your camera, Anmod Ghats is an unmissable spot for you.

Dudhsagar Falls

This four-tiered waterfall is indeed one of the most breathtaking sights in Goa. The view of the white water gushing down against the backdrop of the Western Ghats will be etched in your memories for years to come.

Route 3

The Karwar Route

If you are travelling to the southern parts of Goa, this route should be your pick. This route takes you through NH 48 and NH 66.

Nelamangala – Tumkur – Chitradurga – Sirsi – Ankola – Karwar – Goa

Time – 12 hours

Popular Stopovers

Jog Falls

The second-highest plunge waterfall in India, Jog Falls is one of the most beautiful places to visit on this route. However, you will have to detour from Sirsi to reach here. After spending some time here, you can get back to the route to Ankola.


The beach city of Karnataka, Gokarna is a paradise for beach lovers. It is one of the best places to enjoy the allure of nature and indulge in water sports. Om Beach, Half-Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach are among the top beaches. Sri Mahabaleshwara Swami Temple is another famous tourist attraction to visit here.

This road trip seems super exciting, right? So, decide the route, select a vehicle, and hit the roads. And don’t forget to create a nice playlist for the road!