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World Fisheries Day 2021

World Fisheries Day 2021

  /  World Fisheries Day 2021

World Fisheries Day is celebrated across the world on 21 November annually. The main purpose behind this day is to highlight the importance of sustainable stocks of fisheries in the world. It also focuses on other related factors such as the necessity of healthy oceans, balance in ecosystem and surroundings. World Fisheries Day marks a significant day for the fisher-folk communities.

The first World Fisheries Day was celebrated on November 21, 2015, during the opening of the International Fishermen’s organisation in New Delhi. Each year, it is celebrated with a unique theme that focuses on the overall development of the fishing industry, environment, and biodiversity. The theme of 2021 is yet to be announced.

It is no surprise that fish forms an important part of people’s diet across different parts of the world. Also, several societies and communities are associated with the occupation of fishing for several years. Thus, this day serves as a critical reminder that we must take necessary steps to manage global fisheries for sustainable stocks. The fisher-folk communities and other related societies celebrate this special day with the hope to develop the fishing industry. Some of these communities have their own unique cultural proceedings to celebrate this day. There are dance performances, plays, and a bunch of group activities. Also, well-organised bike rallies and processions are carried out to spread the message and purpose of the World Fisheries Day.

Besides this, there are numerous fundraising events organised at state or community level. Contributing to one of these events can be the most effective way to contribute to this cause. Also, you can take part in the various activities, conferences, and other public meetings. This will allow you to learn more about the fishes, oceans, balance in the ecosystem, and other issues. While this day is observed across the country, Karnataka is one of the states actively taking part in the sustainable activities to increase the awareness about the fisheries industry and environment issues.This World Fisheries Day, take pledge to support the fisheries industry and balance in the surroundings. Next time, you head close to a water body, make sure that you do not litter around waste.