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Manjarabad Fort

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An iconic landmark and one of the most sought places to see in Karnataka is Manjarabad Fort. A star-shaped massive fort constructed by Tipu Sultan in 1792 is located at a height of 988 mts, approximately 3241 feet above sea level. It has been observed, on a clear sky day, people can also see the Arabian sea from the fort.
The heritage city of Karnataka, Hassan has a lot more to offer to tourists of all segments. Sakleshpur Taluk in the district is a hill station with lush greenery and beautiful landscapes. A visit to the star-shaped, Manjarabad fort is a must to do in your checklist. Built-in European style, Tipu Sultan got this fort built one day by his soldiers when he was establishing his sovereignty over Mysore. Manjarabad fort got its name from the Kannada word ‘Manju’ which means fog or mist. So when Tipu Sultan visited the fort after its completion there was a mist all over and above the fort, hence the name.
Although the fort is constructed in a European style, the raw materials used to build the fort included granite stones and lime mortar for the exterior walls, and the interiors are constructed with fired bricks. The fort was used to store army barracks, and armoury, and to store gunpowder.
The lush greenery, muddy trails uneven hillocks, valleys, streams, and dense forests are the views you can expect while standing on the fort wall. The unbelievable formation of nature leaves nature- lovers and history enthusiasts spellbound.

How to reach Manjarabad Fort

Located in Sakleshpur of Hassan district, Manjarabad Fort can be reached best by road. The nearest airport is Bangalore. Hassan is well connected by road and rail from Bangalore, Mangalore, Hubli, Shimoga, and Mysore. . It takes about 4 hours from Bangalore to reach Hassan. Manjarabad Fort is just 40 km from Hassan district headquarters.

Best time to visit

The fort is famous for its misty views, hence the best time to visit the fort is during winter or post-monsoon.

Fort Timings

The Fort is open from 8 am to 6 pm and there are no entry fees.

Places to visit near Manjarabad fort

The fort is a destination by itself. One needs to spend some time at the fort to completely see and walk around. The other places to see in and around Sakleshpur are Sakaleshwara Temple, Abbey Falls, Magajahalli Waterfalls, Bettada Byraveshwara Temple, etc.

Places to stay in Sakleshpur

Being a hill station Sakleshpur has many premium, mid-budget homestays, and hotels available.


 Image credits: Pravesh Prabhu, Suryaprakash N S