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Experience the magnificent folk art and culture of Karnataka 

Janapada Loka, located in Ramanagara District, is a fantastic museum that displays the beautiful folk art from the different regions of Karnataka. This has become quite popular among tourists as it offers an excellent opportunity to observe the myriad folk art of Karnataka and as well as internalize the Heritage and Culture of the state.

The main campus of Janapada Loka is magnificently decorated with tribal art symbols and design that represent the folk tradition of the beautiful state of Karnataka. The main entrance of this brilliant Museum is guarded by an artistic gate that features two pillars on either side with Nandidhwajas. The gate is adorned with brass trumpets along with the face of Lord Shiva and Vishnu embossed on the leaves of the gate.

The Loka Mahal is a two-storey building found next to the main campus which exhibits dolls of Statues of folk dances who traditionally perform the different styles of folk dance in Karnataka. A wide range of Chau Masks which are used in the typical tribal dance of Eastern India can also be found in this wing of Janapada Loka.

Chitra kuteera is another part of this Museum where founder, H. L. Nage Gowda’s pictures can be found. It mainly displays photographs of his interaction work and association with tribal people and different tribes. These photographs show the journey of the museum’s founder to different folk communities to collect information about their art and culture. He was not only dedicated to his job but had an immense passion for the folk art of Karnataka.

The Janapada library has a huge collection of books that demonstrate the folk culture of Karnataka. Shalmala is an open space which features in ancient stone statues and sculptures which have been brought in from different areas of the state. The Ayagaramala is also another open yard that displays different ancient machines and utensils like a bullock cart, wooden chariot, pottery equipment and machines used for crushing sugarcane. A lifelike sculpture of a working man can also be found here along with other everyday items which were used in ancient Karnataka. Several festivals and celebrations are held in this museum to spread awareness about the folk culture of the state.


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