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Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve

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The sanctuary takes its name from the Bhadra River, its lifeline. Popularly known as Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary, after the village on its periphery, it was declared a Project Tiger reserve. But apart from the tiger, it is a great place to sight and observe other mammals, reptiles, and more than 250 species of birds, many of which are endemic to the Western Ghats.  The state-run Jungle Lodges & Resorts runs the River Tern Lodge located on a hillock on the edge of the Bhadra reservoir, near Lakkavali. It is a stone’s throw away from the northern boundary of the Bhadra Tiger Reserve. Muthodi is the southern part of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and is located in one of the most picturesque forest patches here. The sanctuary is also home to the Jagara Giant, the largest teak tree in the state which has a girth of 5.1 m with a height of 32 m and is said to be around 400 years old. Bhadra Tiger Reserve spans about 500 square km, spread across two districts Shivamogga and Chikmagalur districts.

Reasons to visit Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Jeep Safari: Forest department organizes Jeep Safari inside Bhadra Tiger Reserve. Forest Safari in Bhadra has a high probability of tiger and leopard spotting as over 30 tigers and 20 leopards are based in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. 
  • Bhadra Dam: Bhadra dam offers great views when water is being released through its gates
  • Boating inside Bhadra Reservoir
  • Sunset Viewpoint.
  • Mullayanagiri Peak
  • Over 120 different plant and tree varieties.
  • Possibility of spotting a wide variety of birds, reptiles, and wild animals.


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Best Season To Visit

October - March

Famous For

Over 120 species of flora spread across the land. The sanctuary is home to tigers, gaur, elephant, wild boar, sloth bear, black leopard, jungle cat, jackal and others.

Places To Stay

Options are available to stay in Bhadravathi and Shivamogga cities(32 Kms)

How To Reach

Mangalore Domestic Airport is the closest airport located 185 Kms away.

The nearest railway station is Kadur Junction ( 51 Kms )

One can drive from Bangalore to Bhadra Wildlife which is about 282 Kms.

Nearby Places

Belavadi ( 87 Kms ), Chikamagalur ( 78 Kms ) are some of the destinations to visit along with Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.


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