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Model Village Jakkur

Peek Into Rural Life

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A Model Village, depicting what life and day to day routines look like in a rural area, is all set to open for the public at Jakkur. It will give you a peek into the Village Lifestyle and Activities.

Everyone would want to experience what a simple day at a village might look like. Wait is finally over as coming November, all you need to do is Head to the Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Rural Energy And Development ( MGIRED ) to have a glimpse of how the villages function. It is spread across four acres.

You will not just find farming related activities but also get to see everything from Architecture and Traditional Practices to Medicine and Crafts of People in Rural Villages.

The institute aims to introduce rural India to the urban public and encourage the visitors to adopt the old age practices of sustainable living followed in the villages. Executive Director of MGIRED, Manoj Kumar Shukla emphasized on the importance of knowing the day to day lifestyle, cultural and traditional occupations of people in villages. The inauguration is all set to take place in the month of November.