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Nandi Hills is Said to Get an Enchanting Makeover

  /  Nandi Hills is Said to Get an Enchanting Makeover

Nandi Hills is said to get an enchanting makeover

Nandi hills is an exquisite tourist spot that is located in the Chikkaballapur district. The beautiful foothills are about an hour away from the city of Bangalore. For several years, Nandi Hills has been a popular and loved tourist destination. The climate, the view and the location makes it the perfect vacation spot. The diverse wildlife found in Nandi Hills makes it even special and a renowned tourist spot in the state of Karnataka. The government of Karnataka has finally taken impressive initiatives to develop Nandi Hills as an international tourist location. People from all over the world should be able to witness the breathtaking beauty of this place with convenience.

The amazing new amenities available in Nandi Hills

The government of Karnataka has sanctioned a sum of 10 crores for the development of Nandi Hills, a project that is said to be completed within 3 to 4 months. A rope-way, trekking trails and a parking spot is said to be built around Nandi Hills, to improve the experience of tourists who wish to experience the Hills at their best. The parking spot will be built on the 10 acre land that has been sanctioned by the government of the state. The rope-way will be built to provide easy access to the top of the Hill and to provide an aerial view of the location. Nandi Hills truly deserves all the beautification and modifications that the government aims to give it.

The trekking trail is another important part of the project. Tourists who visit Nandi Hills often miss the chance to engage in adventurous trekking around the Hill. This problem will soon be solved, and tourists can enjoy themselves with mesmerizing trekking trips. Nandi Hills project will include Eco-tourism and measures will be taken to make the spot more environment friendly, beginning with the ban of plastics in and around Nandi Hills. The State of Karnataka has been extremely cooperative with the whole project and wishes to see, and upgraded version of the hills within August.