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Vangi Bath

Vangi Bath

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Vangi Bath

Vangi Bath (brinjal rice) is a unique dish of Karnataka, offering the essence of fried Brinjal with rice.

Preparation: To make Vangi bath, brinjal (egg plant) is treated with spices and cooked directly on the flame in barbeque style, or on charcoal. Subsequently it is chopped into smaller pieces, mixed with vangi bath powder. Vangi bath powder is made by grinding several ingredients such as chillies, coriander, cloves, urad dal, cinnamon, coconut gratings etc. Ready to use vangi bath mix can be purchased from stores. As a final step, brinjal pieces with vangi bath mix are added to pre-cooked white rice. After thorough mixing and warming, Vangi Bath is ready to serve. Peanuts and cashew can be added for additional taste.

Served with: Vangi bath is often served with Raitha (mix of curd and vegetables such as onions, cucumber or tomato)

Also try: Other similar rice based dishes to try in Karnataka include Bisi bele bath (sambar rice), Chitranna (Lemon Rice), Curd Rice, Puliyogare and Tomato Rice. 

Where to get Vangi Bath: 

Puliyogare is commonly available in most darshinis (self help eateries) and restaurants in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka. Vangi Bath mix is readily available in supermarkets and grocery stores, using which it is possible to prepare Vangi Bath on our own if one has access to kitchen facilities and can cook rice.