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Tambuli is a soothing, healthy curd based side dish in Karnataka. Tambuli is often served with rice before having sambar or rasam. 

Types of Tambuli:

Tambuli can be made from several core ingredients, such as Uruga (Centella asiatica, commonly known as Indian pennywort), Doddapatre (Borage leaves), Garlic, Ginger, Menthe (Fenugreek seeds) etc.

How Tambuli is made:

While the exact process varies slightly depending on the core ingredient, Tambuli is generally made by warming the main ingredient, such as Indian Pennywort/Borage leaves in ghee, making a paste of it using a mixer grinder, along with add-ons like green/red chili/pepper & jeera. Salt, coconut are added to taste. This fine grind paste is mixed gently with a bowl of curd. Tambuli is now ready to serve. Final touch of a ‘Oggarane’ or a cup of fried oil-red chili, mustard mix is added on top for ultimate aroma and taste.

Served with: Tambuli is best consumed mixing it with rice.  Most households and festival meals serve tambuli in small quantities as an appetizer before moving on to main dishes such as rasam or sambar.

Tambuli is believed to have medicinal/healing properties as it is made from leaves or ingredients which are natural and medicinal.

Where to find Tambuli:

Tambuli is often not sold commercially. Some restaurants serve a cup of tambuli as a part of their plate meals.