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Patrode is a unique coastal Karnataka dish made from colocasia leaves. (Kesuvina ele in Kannada)

Preparation: Colocasia leaves grow generously adjacent to water streams in Coastal Karnataka. Colocasia leaves are carefully selected for use in Patrode. Only trained eyes can locate the right kind of leaves to be plucked- not too young, not too ripe.

Once selected colocasia leaves are cleaned, a layer of rice flour, urad dal pre-mixed with spices, tamarind and jaggery is applied on top of the leaves. Multiple layers of leaves and rice flour mix are stacked one above another. Then the leaves are rolled and steam cooked in large vessels. 

Itchy Nature: Untreated colocasia leaves are not to be consumed raw. Even when used in Patrode after baking, colocasia leaves tend to induce a sense of itchiness on the tongue. To minimize the impact of itchiness, coconut oil and jaggery are used generously while consuming Patrode. Default taste of Patrode is sour in nature but use of adequate jaggery often gives a sweetish flavor.

Patrode is served either in its original form- colocasia leaves rolled in rice flour and baked or in a crushed form-broken into smaller pieces and served in a bowl like other conventional dishes.

Where to get Patrode: Patrode is served in several restaurants in Coastal Karnataka cities such as Mangaluru, Udupi, Kundapura. 

In Bengaluru several eateries specializing Coastal Karnataka cuisines – such as Woody’s in Commercial Street, Mangalore pearl in Halasuru, Karavali restaurant in Residency Road, Namma Kudla in Malleshwaram are the popular outlets.