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Majjige (buttermilk) is a refreshing drink you must try when in Karnataka. Majjige is derived from curd and spiced up with salt and green chili. It is a sought after natural drink after a day out in the hot sun. It keeps your body cool and is a better preferred, healthier drink to other canned and bottled cold drinks.

How is Majjige made:

Curd is the main ingredient behind majjige. Curd is diluted with water, spiced up with pieces of green chili, salt is added to taste and coriander leaves are added for aroma. This mix of curd, water, chili, salt and coriander leaves is mixed thoroughly, usually in a mixer grinder or using a hand operated stirrer to make tasty butter milk. Ice could be added for additional cooling.

Masala Majjige: Masala Majjige is a stronger variant of majjige spiced up with more ingredients such as cardamom, ginger or pepper. 

Majjige helps in digestion besides cooling your body down. A glass of refreshing majjige is highly recommended after a lavish meal.

Where to find buttermilk:

Buttermilk is readily available in most restaurants in Karnataka. It is a very affordable drink and highly refreshing.  Factory made buttermilk is also sold in small pouches in bakeries, supermarkets and milk booths. In summer months, several roadside vendors can also be seen selling majjige to motorists, construction workers and regular passerby.