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Goli Baje

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Goli Baje is a popular Coastal Karnataka snack item. Goli Baje is also referred to as Mangaluru Bonda as it is believed to have originated in the coastal city of Mangaluru.

Goli Baje is light and fluffy. It is crispy outside and soft inside. Goli Baje is made out of maida flour, with added ingredients such as curd, coconut gratings, coriander, ginger and curry leaves. Flour mix is allowed to ferment to get a tangy flavor. Baking soda/sour curd might be used as an alternate for quicker preparation. Small balls made of this flour mix are fried in a pan till the outer layer turns brown. Goli baje is easy to prepare because of simple ingredients and cooking process.

Goli Baje is served with coconut-coriander chutney. A typical plate of Goli baje comes with 4-5 small units of Goli baje, hence it is very convenient to share with friends. A cup of coffee or tea goes very well with goli baje as evening snacks. Goli baje is purely vegetarian and best consumed when it is still hot.

Where to get Goli Baje: Most restaurants and eateries in Coastal Karnataka serve Goli Baje during evening hours. Goli Baje is also likely to be available at various Udupi restaurants across the state.