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Filter Coffee

Karnataka is a large exporter of coffee beans. Coffee is known to be grown in Chikkamagalur and Kodagu districts, thus treating you all the way through your travel. Coffee is a major beverage for Kannadigas (local people of Karnataka). Filter coffee is the most popular variant of coffee.

Preparation of Filter Coffee:

Decoction: Coffee powder specifically made for filter coffee is first brewed in a special purpose container. This container has a top portion with perforated base and a bottom portion where brewed coffee is collected (known as decoction). Coffee powder and boiling water are added in the top portion. After a gap of several minutes brewed coffee decoction gets collected in the bottom portion through the perforated base. 

Coffee making: A small portion of decoction made above is mixed with hot milk to make filter coffee. Concentration of decoction and quantity of sugar is varied as per preferences of the consumer. Filter coffee is transferred between the cup and tumbler multiple times in quick succession to get a layer of foam on the top.

Where to have filter coffee:

Almost all restaurants, darshinis and high end hotels in Karnataka serve filter coffee to their guests. A few outlets such as ‘Brahmin’s coffee bar’, Hatti Kaapi are well known among coffee lovers. Chikkamagaluru has a wonderful coffee brand called Cothas Coffee in the city and is a must-try.