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Chitranna (Lemon Rice) is a popular rice based dish in Karnataka. Chitranna is easy to make and widely available at reasonable prices. It is a great option if you’d like to cook something at a shorter time for lunch or dinner.

How is Chitranna made:

Chitranna is made from cooked rice. Main ingredients such as coconut oil, lemon extract, ground nuts, onion, mustard and green/red chilli are fried on a pan for a few minutes. The pre-cooked rice is added and thoroughly mixed to ensure consistent distribution of ingredients. Coriander leaves are tossed on top as garnish. Few cashew nut pieces are also added for a premium feel.

Most households in Karnataka make Chitranna out of leftover rice from the previous day. This helps both avoid wastage of food and make a tasty dish for family members. Chitranna is very cost effective to make hence sold at low prices in all eateries, making it very popular with those looking for affordable food.

Served with: Chitranna is best had without any side dishes. Coconut chutney is an ideal companion. Chitranna is best consumed immediately after preparation.

Also try: Vangi Bath, Tomato Rice, Bisi Bele Bath, Puliyogare are other popular rice based dishes to try in Karnataka.

Where to get Chitranna:

Chitranna is easily available in darshinis (self service eateries) and various budget restaurants across Karnataka state. Most premium restaurants do not list Chitranna but may be able to prepare and serve it on request.