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Banana Bun

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Mangaluru Banana Bun is a sweetish quick bite snacks popular in coastal Karnataka. Banana bun is made from mashed ripe bananas, flour and sugar. Banana bun is a must try delicacy while visiting coastal Karnataka. Banana bun may also be referred to as Banana Poori.

How is Banana Bun made:

Fully ripened banana is selected, smashed and sugar is added for extra sweetness. Curd (Yoghurt), Salt, Cumin seeds, and baking soda are added to the smash. This smash is mixed with wheat flour or all purpose maida flour and dough is made. The dough is allowed to ferment overnight. Small portions of the dough are taken out and deep fried in hot oil. Once the bun turns brown, it is taken out from the frying pan and allowed to cool a bit before serving.

Served with: Banana bun is served with ‘sagu’- a curry made from potato and carrot. Chutney is also a regular companion for Banana Bun.

Where to get Banana Bun:

Banana Bun is readily available in most restaurants and bakeries in coastal Karnataka cities such as Mangaluru, Udupi, Kundapura, Karkala etc. In other cities, one may use food delivery apps to locate a nearby restaurant that may be serving Mangaluru Banana Bun.