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Be a part of Aero India 2021, a fascinating exhibition about aviation 

Aero India is a fascinating exhibition conducted by the Defense Exhibition Organization for people who are interested to learn about aviation and see aircrafts and machineries related to it. The Indian Air Force as well the Indian Defense Ministry come together to put up an exhibition of exquisite machines, planes, and helicopters that are used for aviation by the Indian Air Force.

Brief History of Aero India

Aero India started in the year 1996 and is held every alternative year in Bangalore. The last exhibition was held in the year 2019. Aero India will be held from the 3rd to the 5th of February, 2021. Several Indian, as well as foreign exhibitions, will be available in the show with their futuristic equipment and machines. The show is set to be held in Yelahanka in Bangalore, Karnataka. This is an Air Force Base, perfect for the exhibition. People from all over the world participate in the event.

Important Information about Aero India

There are strict rules and regulations which are to be followed meticulously as the event is being held in an Air Force Base. As many as fourteen countries are invited to exhibit and be present during the Aero India Exhibition. A half day pass is available from 9am till 1.30 pm and another starting from 1.30 and concluding at 6 pm for INR 2500. Business visitors can avail the full day pass at INR 5000. An inaugural ceremony will be conducted at 1 pm on 3rd February and at 9 am on all the remaining days.

Fighter planes, helicopters, military gadgets will all be on full display during this show. Anyone interested in aviation and the art of flying will not only enjoy the exhibition but will find the opportunity to learn several things from it.

Please Note: The show has been organized keeping in mind the necessary measures that should be taken to avoid the transmission of Covid. The rules state that e-tickets are non-refundable; visitors must wear face masks, maintain social distance and should carry a Covid-19 examination report, reporting they are Covid negative. Carrying a Covid test report is mandatory. A scanned copy of government identification as well as a passport size photograph should be kept ready during the booking of e-tickets. Children below the age limit of 6 years should not be allowed for the show. Therefore, Aero India 2021 is all set to display amazing machines that help our army and state. For more information, registration and covid protocol, click in here