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independence DAY-aug-2021

Independence Day

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15th August is annually celebrated in India to mark the freedom from the imperialistic grip of colonial British rule. At the midnight of 14th August, 1947, after the partition of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan, India finally established herself as an independent nation after being under the British colonial reign for 200 years! Every year this day is celebrated with great pomp and show to commemorate our freedom and pay tribute to the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters for the establishment of this cause. Every year, throughout the nation,various cultural events are organized which mostly includes drills, flag-hoisting, singing the national anthem in unity but the most significant highlight of the independence day is at the capital city Delhi where thousands gather to witness the celebrations that are held at the historic monument of Red Fort, Old Delhi which begins from early morning where the participation of the Prime Minister in hoisting the Indian Flag is mandatory, ensued with parades led by the members of the army and police force. The entire event is aired on national television including a boisterous speech from the Prime Minister.

Independence DAY
Independence Day

Like all states, Karnataka too celebrates the day of our Motherland’s independence with great pomp and show. With the Chief Minister unfurling the commencement of the celebrations, numerous armed officers march past in aligned parades with great patriotic fervour and the crowd joins singers in singing the national anthem whilst the ground is covered by showering rose petals from high above. Not to forget, hundreds of events held at hundreds of educational institutions, the entire state merges into the celebration of our tri-coloured mother land. As the time of the year where large to small towns are bathed in vibrant flutter of the tri colour, it is significant that we discuss the true origin of the authentic flags that are crafted, not the ones made out of plastic. Sole home to supplying and manufacturing facility of the Indian National Flag, The Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha or the KKGSS in the Bengeri village of the Dharwad District of Karnataka, this association consists of a small group of economically underprivileged women that come together from different religions and dedicate their lives into being the sole supplier of National Flag crafted with finesse and sent out to the entire country.

Founded on November 1st, 1957, by a group of Gandhians who had come together to propagate the growth of khadi to support local trade and boycott british goods. Even though Khadi was produced in 1982, the flag manufacturing did not begin until 2004 and covers a total of 100 specialist spinners and weavers who are employed by the founders of the KKGSS who fought for the establishment of the flag facility to benefit the underprivileged workers that lived around the area. As the sole facility in the country, KKGSS has to follow extremely strict standards laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards which makes sure that every single flag is strong, resilient, vibrant, perfected to precision and undergoes an 18 step qualification method to result each unique piece of perfection upholding the Nation’s Pride!

Independence Day