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Raagi Ambali

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Raagi Ambali

Raagi Ambali (Finger Millet Malt) is a healthy drink popular in several parts of Karnataka, particularly north. Karnataka is a leading producer of finger millet; hence the main ingredient of Ragi Ambali is easily available across the state.

Health Benefits of Ragi Ambali:

  • Helps in digestion
  • Reduces body heat
  • Helps controlling mouth ulcer
  • Believed to help control diabetes. 
  • Works as a general refresher and hydrates when tired.

How is Ragi Malt made:

Ragi Malt is a simple drink to make. Ragi (finger millet) powder is added with water and boiled for several minutes. This forms the core of Ragi Ambali. Additional ingredients such as curd or buttermilk, salt, cumin seeds, asafetida (hing) are added to the mixture and stirred. Chopped onion pieces, coriander leaves are added in the final stage before serving. Some variations of Ragi Ambali may be made by adding ginger, black pepper, green chili etc.  

Where to get Ragi Ambali:

Ragi Ambali is available in select restaurants across Karnataka. Check on online food delivery apps to locate a restaurant near you that serves Ragi Ambali. Ragi malt mix is also available in various supermarkets. It is possible to make Ragi Malt on our own using these mixes by adding hot water.